How does eschatology/millennialism/apocalypticism shape historical discourse - Essay Example

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Among the events that are expected to occur include, the coming of Christ, suffering, great joy and forthcoming judgement1. There…
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How does eschatology/millennialism/apocalypticism shape historical discourse
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, apocalypticism refers to a worldview among the religious denominations that there would be an end time of the world. This is, however, referred to the revelation of the God’s resolve. The happening of the end times is usually associated with a divine intervention that would see a confrontation between the evil and Godly forces. More often than not, the end times is discussed by conjoining apocalypticism and eschatology.2
Conversely, millennialism refers to the belief held by the Christian believers that there would be a rapture on earth. In this regard, it is believed that Christ will control and reign on earth for about 1000 years. This period would later be followed by an ultimate judgement and future everlasting life. The book that shades light on millennialism is the book of Revelation3. A majority of Christians believe that it will not be the end of the world. Christian denominations believe that the existence of earth and heaven will cease paving way for a new life. Millennialism holds that after the 1000 years, the King of peace would defeat the evil. In this case, the end of destruction would mark a beginning of joy.
Eschatology is an important aspect that affects individuals’ behaviours since it informs about ethics. The belief of an individual’s future helps greatly in interpreting the present events. It also influences an individual’s current course of action, both politically and socially. Historically, the age of eschatology and apocalypticism is as old as humanity. There are a number of archaeological evidences during the Old Stone Age which suggest a notion of immortality. Various natural aspects such as earthquake, floods and cyclones have been associated with the end times.4 The eschatological expectations and speculations have developed over time reflecting on human thinking and ethical perceptions. It has also reflected on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Does eschatology/millennialism/Apocalypticism Shape Historical Essay - 1.
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