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Stradegies (or Barriers) - Term Paper Example

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In the United States, racism and other forms of discrimination has been a major concern dating back in the 17th century to 1960s, since the colonial years and slave era, several groups such as Latin Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans and other…
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Stradegies (or Barriers)
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Extract of sample "Stradegies (or Barriers)"

Download file to see previous pages Evidence of institutions structured racially were slavery, segregations, residential schools and Indian wars. In 20th century though, discriminations of all kinds were banned following activities of civil rights groups from all quarters who opposed these discriminations using various strategies, its fundamental to note that some like employment, housing, education and lending prejudices still happen in the present society.
In this paper however, focus is on the Asian and African Americans as two of the groups that faced barriers (discrimination) in United States’ history and what strategies they used to overcome these challenges. In the first part of this paper we shall look at the African Americans and then proceed to second part of Asian Americans in order to create contrast in the strategies they deployed in fighting for their freedom.
Perhaps the most prominent barrier of this group is the institution of slavery in which the African Americans were enslaved and viewed as property and treated as second class citizens, stigmatized and denied industrial jobs. It the perception of slavery that resulted in all the barriers faced by the Africans in America, it started in 1630s in prehistoric era and has been practiced for a long period of time due to sugar, tobacco and other plantations that seek more workforces. There are several issues that kept them invisible in all aspects of their lives:
Their lives were incredibly difficult as slaves mostly for those who worked in the plantations, they could work from sunrise to sunset without exception of the old or the young all could work for this long period of time. It was considered to be lucky if the master gives the slave a day off from work or holidays like Christmas which was infrequent. In his free lucky time, the slave engage in his own activities of fishing or cultivating small piece of land in order to supplement what is given by the master that was poor in quality. As stated earlier it was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Stradegies (or Barriers) Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words)
Stradegies (or Barriers) Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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