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Did Black Nationalism hurt or help African Americans pursuit of civil rights - Essay Example

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The United States is a multi lingual state having diverse identities as far as population composition is related.The movement of civil rights in the US has a long history which is a continuous and non-violent progress to bring equality under the law …
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Did Black Nationalism hurt or help African Americans pursuit of civil rights
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Extract of sample "Did Black Nationalism hurt or help African Americans pursuit of civil rights"

Download file to see previous pages As far as the rights of African Americans are concerned, this nation is considered the most discriminated nation especially in the South American regions of the United States. There were several political struggles came forward time to time to bring reforms for the protection of civil rights of this group. Black Nationalism was a supporting struggle that expressed the racial awareness among those Africans living in America. The motto of this movement was to ensure the protection of black power. This move greatly assisted the African Americans in pursuing civil rights. The leaders of the movement offered the ways to combat racism. In early 1960s, this struggle became more active and popular in America. This was the year when the move became more advanced and a well known leader Malcolm X, argued that African Americans should focus to improve their lives in order to integrate in American environment in a better way. Black people should also defend themselves against communal differences. 2. Describe the anti-lynching movement? Who lead this cause, what were their goals and what was the outcome? Anti-Lynching Movement was a popular movement launched to activate and protect the civil rights of the communities living in America. This movement came forward as a reaction against lynching which, basically, involved extra-judicial killings based on racism. Lynching was a very common practice in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. In the years 1890 to 1920, these killings reached at its peak. Extra-judicial killings were practiced to ensure white supremacy especially in the southern parts of America. According to an estimate of Tuskegee Institute, between 1882- 1968, 1297 whites and 3446 blacks were badly tortured and killed due to these racist controversies in America. Goals: The goal of this movement was to end up the violence that was a common practice in US against African Americans. This movement rose from the southern parts of United States. The thrust of the move was to ensure protection for the communal groups and this awareness had to spread among common people through education and legal amendments. It was the aim that the legal actions for communal equality would be made keeping in mind the federal legislation as well. Women played a great role in this movement. Leading Agents of the Movement: This movement was, particularly, leading by different organizations including the Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching (ASWPL), the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), National Association of Colored Women (NACW) and the Council for Interracial Cooperation (CIC). Wells- Barnett was a great leader and supporter of this campaign. He was a renowned journalist. The brutality of lynching movement revolted so white people also started joining this anti-lynching campaign. Outcomes: Finally, in 1940s, lynching was declined and this was the positive outcome of anti lynching campaign. It is considered the prime battle against segregation and racism that finally took shape in a positive manner. 3. Who was A. Philip Randolph and what was his contribution to African American History? A. Philip Randolph was an African American labor who also led civil rights in United States. He was the most prominent among all other trade unionists that fought for the cause of ethnic equality. Randolph was born in Florida and in 1911; he left Florida and moved to New York. Later on, in very young age he joined Socialist Party. Randolph was a realist approach human and believed that African Americans could never gain political power and could never get political freedom until they would be financially strong. He ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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