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Morgan software and technology levels of the employees, we have determined that it is important for a course to be designed in order to properly train staff members and bring them up to speed on new technology and advancements in their specific…
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Design a class
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Information 14 October 2009 Designing an Employee Training Upon further review of the J.P. Morgan software and technology levels of the employees, we have determined that it is important for a course to be designed in order to properly train staff members and bring them up to speed on new technology and advancements in their specific areas. The course will be designed based upon a brief test that will be administered to each staff member. This test will evaluate the understanding and current performance levels of staff members on many varying issues related to technological advancements that are crucial for everyday use within the J.P. Morgan Company. This test will take no longer than 45 minutes and will be provided online in a computerized format to test knowledge and current abilities to help ensure that the information within our course is going to be highly beneficial and not redundant for your employees.
The projected course will include many different topics that will be covered over a two-to-three day time period. Meals will be provided for the staff members each day, and the course will begin promptly at 7:30am and continue until 6:00pm, or until all final questions have been answered for the day. The proposed topics for the course will include Hardware, Basic trouble shooting, Software, Operating systems, Microsoft Office, Basic O/S & software trouble shooting, Peripherals, Mobile, Security, The Internet – better search, Cloud computing, Use of Web 2.0, Intranet applications, File management, and Logging on remotely. Each of these areas of computerized technology are important for staff members to understand at a novice level in order to make the daily workload much easier to handle and to provide each staff member the ability to properly use time efficiently. We will help train the J.P. Morgan staff members on the customary uses of each of these topics and their actual benefits in the workplace by providing hypothetical, yet realistic, examples from the type of work that would be performed.
The course will be provided in an in-person and remote format to help provide better training. Half of the time will be spent in a course room that will involve question-and-answer lectures and power point presentations to help show step-by-step procedures for the content. This first half is designed to teach the general understanding of the software or hardware, and performance tactics that are being discussed. The second half will be performed remotely with each student having access to the course on a computer. Through our patented online system, we will be able to provide tasks that must be completed, show them remotely how to do so, and then require that each student perform a test task. Each of these test tasks will be graded, and graduation will be based upon a 75% accuracy completion percentage for the entire course.
Finally, the costs of the course are very fair and will provide us with the opportunity to enable the students to receive the best education possible to help increase the production and efficiency at J.P. Morgan. We understand that the company is sacrificing valuable time to allow its workers to be trained through the course. However, we have determined that the cost of $125 per student must be paid at the beginning of the course. Refunds will not be provided for any reason, so it is within the company and students’ best interests to ensure the course is finished. In the case that the student does not graduate, we will provide an additional supplementary course for $50 to cover all of the costs of the meals only. The student will be required to attend the same training courses and take the sample tests in order to graduate any number of subsequent times. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any additional questions. We stand by our product and guarantee that this course will help provide your employees with a better understanding of technology and its uses in the daily functions of their working environment. Read More
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