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It could be so much fun yet has many downsides as a person expects a completely new picture of the area which he is about to explore. People roam around in different countries of the world and this is indeed…
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Process writing <How to Prepare for going abroad>
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How to Prepare for Going Abroad Outline Introduction Comparison of olden times with today Role of preparation in travel Destination planning Conclusion
Going abroad is filled with different kinds of pleasures and fantasies. It could be so much fun yet has many downsides as a person expects a completely new picture of the area which he is about to explore. People roam around in different countries of the world and this is indeed a very excitable proposition for anyone.
These days, people are like gypsies. Of course by gypsy here, I mean it is not like the gypsy who existed in the olden ages but the contemporary ones. People tend to wander in many parts of the world as well as one’s own country. This is possible because when one compares the same with the old days, various transportation mechanisms were not there which have now been developed such as cars, aircrafts and vessels. Besides, there’s a saying ‘the world is one.’ So, in this sense, going to another place has become more convenient than ever.
Thus, there are a lot more chances to travel or to go on a business. However, we do not go to new places without preparation. Before leaving, preparation is the most important thing to do. Without it, the travel or the business would be ruined. There are a few things to be prepared beforehand. First is to gather up the information about the destination, second is to make reservation, third is to pack and then all good to go. Initially, looking up for the destination is a must and the most basic thing to do before one leaves. There is a Korean saying ‘you know it more, you see it more’. This means if you are knowledgeable about something there are more chances to appreciate what you are seeing and you get to know deeper about it. In order to gather information about the destination, you can either look up on the internet or the tour guide book.
Then, what you need to do is to choose the exact destination. Even for the smaller areas it gets different from one another. For instance, the weather in Seoul and Gyoungi is different even though they are close to each other. Moreover, you have to know about the people there. People are all different with one another but usually people can be different due to where they live. For example, Americans seem to be more open-minded than people in other cultures but at the same time Americans tend to be more conservative too. On the other hand, people in British are conservative yet more open-minded. So, knowing how the people are in the area is important to appreciate it.
In the end, it is always appropriate to understand that going abroad could both be risky and beneficial in the long run. Since it involves excitement it can always be taken as a joyride that is filled with happy and dull moments at the same time. Going abroad involves usage of expenses and hence one should be ready for the same. This is important under all circumstances when one is traveling abroad.
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