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Substance Dualism - argument rehersal - Essay Example

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Persons are what we are as individuals, and bodies are what we belong to as inhabitants. So there are basically two different…
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Substance Dualism - argument rehersal
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Download file to see previous pages Let us begin with me. I can conceive myself without my left hand. In case my left hand is cut off in an accident, I would still be who I am. It’s true that I’ll be handicapped, but that won’t mean I’ll cease to exist. Let’s take another situation. Let me just think I am dead. How will my loved ones react then? It is very much possible for me to conceive the situation. They will feel sad; some will cry. Now since I am conceiving these thoughts by myself only, I can exist without a body, for it’s conceivable I can be without a body. Let me now run a thought experiment to back this claim. Suppose I try to conceive my existence by separating myself from my body. In other words, I being a thinking thing envision my body sitting on a chair in front of the computer. The entire process of this thought experiment, it may be noted, is conducted on a metaphysical level aligned with the premises of conceivability. The substance dualist argument is based on three premises:
It is now important to connect my thought experiment with these premises. The fact that I succeed in conceiving myself out of my body supports the second premise in that what I can conceive is also possible, because conceivability is a good guide to possibility. In other words, it is my mind that conceives what it conceives, and it can conceive successfully all the possibilities given that the laws of essential properties are not flouted. What do essential properties mean in relation to the substance dualism theory? To understand this, we should make another thought experiment. Suppose I strive to conceive of a set of parallel lines overlapping with each other. This is not possible even to think. The essential property of parallel lines does not in any way comply with the property of overlapping. I can imagine either the existence of a set of parallel lines or that of two straight lines overlapping with each other, but not both within a single reference ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Substance Dualism - Argument Rehersal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Substance Dualism - Argument Rehersal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“Substance Dualism - Argument Rehersal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d.
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..., which refers to the mind and is logically synonymous to the soul. Definition of the latter transcends thought and consciousness, as noted by Descartes, yet it remains plausible to say that the person and the body have dissimilar identities, hence are different substances. To date, the argument for substance dualism rests with Descartes conceptions that the essence of mind is thought while that of the body is extension, with the resulting duality being reminiscent of the duality of substances. Further explanation regarding this conception embodies the modal argument for substance dualism that according...
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