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The Romantic Age has witnessed a complex artistic, literary and intellectual movement originated in the second half of the 18th century in Western Europe. During the period of Industrial Revolution, the movement strengthened to react against the aristocratic social and political…
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Romantic Age
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Themes of conflict and deliverance during the Romantic Age The Romantic Age has witnessed a complex artistic, literary and intellectual movement originated in the second half of the 18th century in Western Europe. During the period of Industrial Revolution, the movement strengthened to react against the aristocratic social and political norms as well as the scientific rationalization of nature - typical of the Age of Enlightenment. The themes of conflict were demonstrated mostly in the form of visual arts, music and literature.
One of the most significant themes of the Romantic Era is stress on emotion as an aesthetic experience. In order to experience this aesthetic sense, the Romanticists shed new lights on myriad emotions such as horror, trepidation and awe. Sublimity of the untamed nature was included as a new aesthetic category while the Romanticists tried to express their revolutionary feelings in terms of depicting the picturesque beauty of nature. Their main argument was against the notions of the newly established industrialism and empiricism. The embrace of nature was thus an appreciative way of escape from the confinements of scientific rationalism. The congestion of the industrial revolution made the Romanticists take shelter in the embrace of romanticism which was considered as a convenient escape from modern realities. In other words, the Industrial revolution contributed largely to label Realism as the polarized opposite to Romanticism.
While the acceptance of romanticism was considered as an escape from realism, the Romanticists took pride in emphasizing the various connotations of freedom, in terms of intuition, imagination and feeling. This is both an escape from modern realities as well as an acceptance of emotions and feelings beyond any rational reasoning. Thus, the Romantic Era included both themes of conflict and deliverance by emphasizing the nature and myriad emotions, which demonstrate both rational as well as aesthetic contemplation.
Murray, C. J. (ed.). (2004). Encyclopedia of the Romantic Era 1760-1850. New York: Taylor & Francis Group. Read More
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