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Themes of Romantic Music and Renaissance Painting - Essay Example

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The essay "Themes of Romantic Music and Renaissance Painting" explores to what extent are the main themes of Romantic music a development of Renaissance painting and to what extent are they distinctly different. Romantic music had themes that could be associated with the paintings…
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Themes of Romantic Music and Renaissance Painting
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Download file to see previous pages A common value that romantic music appreciatively adds on the development of renaissance painting is the period that the two art elements came to existence. By romantic music having existed at the same century as that which renaissance paintings did, it was inevitable that the value of romantic music were relayed through the work of fine art as the artists of that time postulated. An artist like Leonardo da Vinci was known to express and relay emotion on painting canvas, being an artist who appreciated the element of romantic music he could then bring himself to supplement romantic music with paintings effectively. A denoted development such as the invention of musical instruments during the 17th century is a value that effectively influenced the development of renaissance painting. Instruments such as the piano and the guitar are elements that represent music. This element of music representation then reciprocated as renaissance artists could then assign a music instruments incorporating it in their paintings to represent musical paintings. A very famous painting of a man playing a guitar; by Fiery Lombard done in 1590’s in Rome is a representation of this type of paintings inspired by musical instruments. A theme appreciated as that that facilitated the renaissance paintings is religion. Many artists such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci had a very strong religious background; therefore, in some of their paintings, they most likely choose to incorporate religious elements in their paintings. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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