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The researcher of this paper aims to analyze romanticism and the Industrial Revolution. Beginning around 1750 in Germany, France and England, and spreading shortly thereafter throughout the remainder of Europe and on to America, the Romantic movement was first and foremost a literary movement…
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The Romantic Period
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Download file to see previous pages According to the research "The Romantic Period" findings, romanticism and the Industrial Revolution deeply resemble each other both in their temporal boundaries and in their concerns.The romantic period is often said to have begun with a publishing event (the publication in 1798 of Lyrical Ballads and closed with a political event (the passage in 1832 of the Reform Bill) (Haywood & Leader 2). This conjunction is symptomatic of romantic studies' tendency to define romanticism as the intersection of an array of particular literary qualities (a shift in poetic diction, a concentration on the figure of the poet, a foregrounding of natural scenes, and so on) with a series of correspondent political events, particularly the French Revolution. Yet in yoking the literary primarily with the political, romanticists have generally overlooked other changes culture was undergoing at the time (Johnson 12-20).From 1750 to 1850, a number of events are highly familiar to romanticists for denoting important political events (the beginning of the French Revolution. the Terror, and the end of the Napoleonic Wars) (Jasper 34). By contrast, contemporaneous events in the history of technology are relatively unknown. Most romanticists have only passing knowledge of the technological achievements which arose at their period of study, romanticism and the Industrial Revolution deeply resemble each other both in their temporal boundaries and in their concerns. The Industrial Revolution was a fiction, one of the main discursive events of the nineteenth century. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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