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Since the last couple of decades, the terms animal rights and animal welfare, which are often used interchangeably have played a significant role in initiating a change, in the manner in which animals are used for medical research. These movements, which were set up,…
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Psychology Questions
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PSYCHOLOGY QUESTIONS Since the last couple of decades, the terms animal rights and animal welfare, which are often used interchangeably have played a significant role in initiating a change, in the manner in which animals are used for medical research. These movements, which were set up, essentially as an abolitionist substitute for the pro animal reform groups, has become larger and influential, making the animal “exploiters” to respond to their unjust demands. While on one hand, hunting and trapping of animals, using of animals for entertainment etc continues to thrive, the ethical use of animals as research subjects is vehemently opposed. Such doublespeak on the part of these “welfare groups” justifies the fact that animal research in psychology is indeed an unfair target of animal rights groups.
2. Endorphins are neurotransmitters similar to the narcotic drug "opiates" or opium, and "are released in the central nervous system during times of stress, such as physical exertion or physical injury, to protect us from pain" (Doyle, 2008, Pp. 60). Thus, from the above definition it is apparent that Endorphins are painkillers rather than pleasure chemicals; hence the joy experienced by the student is not a result of high levels of endorphin.
3. According to an experiment conducted by Wayne Messer and Richard Griggs, substantial extent of belief as well as involvement was observed in the paranormal among the college freshmen. Although the reasons for such belief varied from personal experience to media reports, more than half of those studied stated personal experience as their prime basis for belief in ESP.
4. Gestalt principles are concerned with the perceptual integration of sensory elements which involves several principles such as similarity, continuation, closure, proximity, etc. These principles have been extremely influential in understanding the perceptual system and contributed significantly to the field of research. These principles are not only offer, a new alternative to normal way of perception but are extremely simple to state, comprehend and apply.
Doyle, S. M., (2008). What is Psychology, CENGAGE Learning, Pp. 60
Griggs, R. A., (2001). Handbook for Teaching Introductory Psychology: With an Emphasis on Assessment, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Pp. 24
Table 1: Student Belief and Involvement in the Paranormal and Performance in Introductory Psychology
Source: Griggs, R. A., (2001). Handbook for Teaching Introductory Psychology: With an Emphasis on Assessment, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Pp. 24 Read More
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