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These therapies and similar modes of treatment have all been under scrutiny at one point in time. This scrutiny is often essential in order to increase the efficiency of healthcare and to reduce…
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Literature review (2) major project
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Download file to see previous pages It shall also relate these studies to each other in terms of consistency across a variety of variables.
The therapist-driven approach in respiratory therapy as described by the American Association of Respiratory Care (Des Jardins & Burton, 2006, p. 131) focuses first on delivering individualized diagnostic and therapeutic care to patients; second, on assisting the physician in evaluating the needs of the patient; third, on determining the indications for respiratory therapy and what mode would work best in providing quality health services to the patient; and lastly, on empowering practitioners in allocating signs-and-symptoms based algorithms for patient treatment. This type of therapy is based on the individual needs of a patient. The interaction with the therapist would primarily decide the treatment protocols for the patient. Each patient has unique qualities and unique needs that often ultimately influence the choices that would work best for patients.
The therapist-driven protocols are also known for being specific respiratory care services which are implemented under the supervision of the respiratory care practitioners (Stoller, 1998, p. 408). It primarily seeks to implement care services for patients more specifically based on their needs, and administered by experts in respiratory care. The development of the care is collaborative and planned with the assistance of the other members of the health care team equipped with the necessary expertise as regards respiratory care. The collaboration takes into consideration all factors pertinent to the needs of the patient. More often than not, the therapist-driven approach extends to the respiratory consult service, also known as the evaluate-and-treat program. This is a program “in which respiratory care is directed by respiratory care practitioners based on a menu of protocols for individual respiratory care services” (Stoller, 1998, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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