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Clinical Care Classification System - Essay Example

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The need of vocabularies have been implemented to meet the expedite ventures of medical operations. Through the vocabularies are the technological advancements…
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Clinical Care Classification System
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"Clinical Care Classification System"

Download file to see previous pages Through care, management programs are new systems that respond to the problems associated with the health sector. The mechanisms of the IMA and the Insight Plus have been implemented towards the establishment of better medical aid. Some failure and successes are evident through the undertakings.
Medical informatics requires relevant vocabularies in order to support the best application within the existent medical standards. The medical informatics tends to describe the required standards to the international users and other personalities within the fields that utilize similar standards. The adoption process have been relatively slow given that for the past years since implementation, the system development has encountered difficulties attempting to meet the international scale needs. According to Cimino (1998), the looming question over the terms added to the vocabulary has been-‘why don’t it have what I want it to say?’ This correspondingly implies that the addition of more terms that meets the requirement of most people must be implemented for the system to work efficiently. Through implementing the list within the desiderata, there are possibilities of establishing controlled vocabularies sharable and reusable. Several aspects tend to hinder the task of listing the desiderata for the controlled vocabularies. Firstly, the desired characteristics of the vocabulary must be multipurpose in nature, and there are multiple intended purposes. The desired characteristics targeted by the listing range from: capturing clinical findings, the natural language processing, medical indexing records, indexing medical literature and representing medical knowledge (Cimmo, 1998). Aside from the above-mentioned problems in summarizing desiderata, differentiating opinions and putting them together is a major problem relative to the listings.
According to Cimmo in his article ‘Desiderata for Controlled Medical Vocabularies in the twenty-First ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Clinical Care Classification System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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