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The Benefits of using Social Network to improve sales for Century 21 - Essay Example

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Commercial and non-commercial organizations have revolutionized use of marketing information through adoption of social networking sites as a marketing strategy for…
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The Benefits of using Social Network to improve sales for Century 21
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Extract of sample "The Benefits of using Social Network to improve sales for Century 21"

Download file to see previous pages Century 21 is one of the major companies that has created significant shift in marketing strategies through internet function and design. It has been listed as the biggest real estate agency that operates across national borders in the world. The US Company has been compelled by fast changing technologies in competitive environment to adopt marketing strategies that are focused on social networking sites in order to increase sales (Charlene & Bernoff, 2008). This research study analyses Century 21’s marketing strategies and coordination efforts for the next three years.
It is an international company and it is one of the most reputed Real Estate Agent Franchise Companies operating across national borders. Its inception dates back in 1971 in California but it was privatized until 1977 when the co-founders decided to make the company public. During its early stages, the company offered products and services that satisfied the needs of real estate owners. The company has expanded rapidly and has established more than 8000 offices and large number of sales professionals all over the world (Parsipanny, 2009). The company started its operations in United States but it has gained strong foothold and its presence has been felt in more than 60 countries. It is the leading marketer of real estate services and it has spent a great deal of time in improving online display advertisements, search engine marketing and real estate listing sites.
In general, Century 21 can been regarded as the world leading provider of real estate services in comparison with other competitive real estate companies since it possesses the world’s largest network and geographical coverage. The company continues to take lead in the industry as evidenced by the increased online ads which offer substantial benefits to brokers, agents and customers. The company is very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Benefits of Using Social Network to Improve Sales for Century 21 Essay.
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