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The Role of the Internet in Business - Research Paper Example

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The author of the present essay "The Role of the Internet in Business" points out that the internet tools and technologies have become a primary driver of financial growth and business development, for the reason that the modernism brought by the internet tools…
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The Role of the Internet in Business
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, approximately all the corporations now identify the value of the internet in better-dealing customers and reaching worldwide markets. On the other hand, these permanent growths and enhancements in the internet technologies have made the business industry more competitive than ever before because with the internet every organization in the world becomes a local competitor. Thus, they find and implement latest technologies to gain a competitive edge (Summers et al., 2003, p.67; Watson et al., 2000; Rao et al., 1998; Soh et al., 1997). This report discusses the role of the internet in the business. The aim of this report is to discuss the benefits of internet technologies to corporations and how they use the internet to improve their business processes. This report will also outline some important aspects of the business that can be effectively supported through the internet.
A variety of attributes of the way corporations or individuals carry out their activities and survive in the twenty-first century will be determined through the huge web of electronic networks that was acknowledged as the information superhighway however at the present is generally known as the internet (Turban et al., 2005, p.128). “The internet is a broad collection of networks that connects the millions of corporations, educational institutions, government agencies and individuals” (Shelly et al., 2005, pp.11-12; Turban et al., 2005, p.71). In addition, approximately one-half billion people all through the world utilize internet daily for a variety of reasons, some reasons are given below: (Shelly, Cashman, & Vermaat, 2005, pp. 11-12) and (Norton, 2001):
The Internet is simply acknowledged as “the Net,” is a huge platform of computer networks, which helps users get information from any other computer (also they can communicate easily to users at different computers in different locations) by remaining at any one computer. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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