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EZL 124 Supporting children's learning in the early years - Essay Example

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It currently serves 26 children in the local community aged 3 months to 5 years .It also welcomes children with special needs as well as those from other cultures.
In the readings, I feel proud of the fact that the…
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EZL 124 Supporting childrens learning in the early years
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Download file to see previous pages Over time, I progressed to Nursery nurse, with a wide range of roles and responsibilities attached to my job. The thorough training I underwent taught me the importance of play; holistic approach to early years learning and safety of the children; evaluation of my work and identification of my weakness through deep reflection on my practice and the promotion of diversity, equality and inclusion of all children regardless of their abilities and cultural backgrounds. The centre helps and supports children, their families and staff when appropriate. I realized it was one of my passions to support and help children with special/ additional needs.
The centre works with other agencies and professionals in supporting children’s positive development and promoting their welfare. It adheres to the policies set by the Every Child Matters, 14 national standards, Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and all other relevant policies and regulations. Personally, in my practice, I promote equal opportunity, inclusion , planning for children’s needs and interests, working with parents and being a positive role model to our students and volunteers as well as to less experienced staff. In doing so, I uphold the high standards of the centre and become one in its consistent provision of quality care.
The five areas of Every Child Matters namely: Staying Safe; Being Healthy; Enjoying and Achieving; Making a Positive Contribution; and Achieving Economic Well-Being are all goals that the centre attempts to meet on a daily basis.
Working with a team of colleagues hones my skills in interpersonal relations, planning for the children, and sharing and gaining knowledge about each child’s needs and children’s development in general. Parent relations are likewise maintained effectively as I keep the lines of communication open for them regarding their children. Networking with various professionals from different agencies involved with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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