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Social Theories Of Development And Learning - Essay Example

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Behavioral management is connected with social learning theory because the latter one used to be called behavioral theory. The paper "Social Theories Of Development And Learning" discusses some aspects of classroom and behavioral management and social theories of development and learning…
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Social Theories Of Development And Learning
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"Social Theories Of Development And Learning"

Download file to see previous pages Despite the great number of strategies and techniques which have been developed to assist a teacher, a today’s educator often feels frustrated because of the inability to control his/her learners and/or teach them the required material. Knowledge of classroom and behavior management is essential for having a well-structured and effective study session. The relationship based on mutual respect and understanding between a teacher and a child is the essential part of good instructional program realization. A teacher can take up various roles, but the major one would be that of an instructional leader and classroom manager. It has to be stressed that effective classroom managers are not born, but made.According to the numerous studies, dual language or dual immersion program has a number of advantages, especially if to speak about the one which is being employed from early years. Many educators who teach children within dual language program start from kindergarten. According to Soderman, the research in this area has proven a number of cognitive advantages for early exposition to second languages. Unlike unilingual children in the educational environment, bilingual children "are driven to higher levels of cognitive flexibility". Learning a second language in dual language program is different from that of regular learning a foreign language which can be found in the regular school. This program can give much more than mere acquisition of vocabulary, a set of grammar rules or practical syntax. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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