Performance & Reward system- Ericsson company - Case Study Example

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It focuses on the relationship between the employer and the employees (Brown and Perkins 2007). The system of performance management starts when employees have…
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Performance & Reward system- Case study Ericsson company
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Download file to see previous pages r hand, reward management is concerned with identifying the motivating aspects of employees which leads to the classification of the amount of pay, compensation and other incentives (Chiang and Birtch 2005). The purpose of the literature review is to help in understanding performance management. The paper presents a case study of past experience attained from the Ericsson Company, Saudi Arabia Branch.
The paper is a critique of the performance and reward system in the organization, which highlights the strengths and weaknesses of performance and reward system in the company. It also offers brief information about the company and its branch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the positive and negative aspects of the company’s performance and reward system, their positive and negative impacts on employee satisfaction, and finally an analysis of the effectiveness of system as well as recommendations regarding how the organization’s performance and reward system can be changed in order for it to allow the accomplishment of organizational goals. However, the report has a limitation in the sense that the experience in this company was acquired 2 years ago, and its performance and reward system might have changed with time. The paper was prepared from information obtained through observations while working in the company, and interactions with employees, as well as the company magazine as well as journals on performance and reward management.
Ericsson is a Swedish multinational company that operates through foreign subsidiaries globally. It offers communication systems and services, which include a variety of technologies such as mobile networks and equipments. It also provides fixed network services world wide. These are mainly provided through foreign subsidiaries. Its subsidiary in Saudi Arabia was established in 1980. It operates in through three branches of the Saudi Ericsson, with 360 employees who are professionals in communication technology and other fields of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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