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The purpose of Mother against drinking driving (MADD) is to see an end to drunk driving as it is important to reduce fatality rates due to drunk driving. It also serves to support the victims of this, which is termed as violent crime, by the organization. It also strives to…
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Alchol and beverages
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What is the purpose of this organization/individual? The purpose of Mother against drinking driving (MADD) is to see an end to drunk driving as it is important to reduce fatality rates due to drunk driving. It also serves to support the victims of this, which is termed as violent crime, by the organization. It also strives to prevent drinking by adolescents or children below the legal age for drinking. They insist further toward strict legal action against drunk driving and suggest technological tools to be implanted in vehicles to monitor or to prevent such crime.
Do they have a mission statement or purpose on this web-site?
Yes they do have a mission statement on their website, which says “The mission of MADD is to stop drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime and prevent underage drinking.”
Which side of the beverage alcohol moderation/ low-tolerance debate are they on?
The organization advocates that a person is to be declared drunk driving if there is more than 0.8 BAC level of alcohol in one’s blood. As far as it is within the limit, it is permitted. MADD is on the side of moderate alcohol consumption and does not insist on a ‘no’ to alcohol according to their philosophy.
What facts/studies/expert opinions do they use to support their philosophy?
The organization bases its philosophy on statistical data in Traffic Safety Annual Assessment of alcohol impaired driving fatalities. Based on the fatality rates, it is clear that the philosophy of the organization as revealed in its mission statement is valid and inevitable.
The organization highlights on the innocent victims of the crime, especially school children and attempts to support them. For instance, a statistical data highlighted to support their philosophy is “In 2007, an estimated 12,998 people died in alcohol-impaired traffic crashes…Three in every 10 Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related crash in their lives” as put on their web site.
Describe your feelings as a potential server of beverage alcohol on the impact of this organization on you as an individual and as you as a professional and your business.
I cannot neglect the fact that the organization’s philosophy on drunk driving has made me rethink my business philosophy. As an individual I sympathise with their philosophy and agree that things are to be put in their place when it comes to drunk driving. However, as a professional, I have a challenge to find a balance between doing justice to my business ethics and playing responsible to the society.
MADD. Org. Retrieved 29 Aug, 2009 from (2009). Stop impaired driving. Retrieved 29 Aug, 2009 from Read More
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