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A to Rutgers University about the increasing problem of mixing energy drinks with alcohol on college campuses - Research Proposal Example

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The proliferation and popularity in recent years of energy drinks and caffeinated alcoholic beverages has inspired a generation of young people to indulge in these potentially dangerous drinks. While caffeine and alcohol taken individually pose health risks, the combination of…
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A proposal to Rutgers University about the increasing problem of mixing energy drinks with alcohol on college campuses
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Extract of sample "A to Rutgers University about the increasing problem of mixing energy drinks with alcohol on college campuses"

Download file to see previous pages On college campuses, a high concentration of the age group likely to use these beverages is found, putting universities in a unique position to provide educational and preventative interventions.
On November 17, 2010, the United States Food and Drug Administration issued written warnings to manufacturers of alcoholic beverages with added caffeine (FDA, 2010). The FDA had both reviewed existing medical literature and conducted independent lab tests on the beverages, and in the process found them to be representative of a significant public health concern (FDA, 2010). As more data surface suggesting the health risks associated with these beverages, it is necessary to evaluate how their use and availability on college campuses could impact students’ health and well-being. Based on an analysis of recent peer-reviewed studies, this literature review will: provide a background context from which to view the issue; contribute to the identification of methods and interventions that will raise awareness on the Rutgers campus; contribute suggestions for reducing the harm that results from the use of alcoholic caffeinated beverages.
Alcoholic beverages with added caffeine are relatively new products. In 1997, the first energy drink to achieve mainstream popularity was introduced (“Red Bull”) (Malinauskas et al., 2007). The first Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages (CABs) entered the market about five years later in 2002 (CDC, 2010). The beverages saw a very rapid and sharp increase in popularity, with 337,500 gallons sold in their first year and 22,905,000 gallons sold in 2008 (CDC, 2010). What was at one time a niche product is now available in retail outlets and convenience stores, and by 2008 there were 25 brands selling the beverages (CDC, 2010). The advertising industry has capitalized on the drinks’ attractiveness to young people by creating ad campaigns that are similarly attractive to that age group (CDC, 2010). With names like “Sparks,” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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