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The paper “Society’s Attitude toward Responsible Alcohol Service” seeks to explore attitude and responsibility towards alcohol drinks, which have been considered as a lifestyle among many people. From the healthcare departments, Europe has dominated the highest consumption per as per the ratio…
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Societys Attitude toward Responsible Alcohol Service
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Society’s Attitude toward Responsible Alcohol Service
Alcoholic drinks and other beverages are classified into various classes. This includes beers, wines, hard liquor, and liqueurs among other products. Alcoholic beverage contains ethanol as a distilled beverage, which is produced by a process involving fermentation procedure. Fermentation process, involves the breakdown of yeast into alcohol and carbon dioxide. However, carbon dioxide bubbles out leaving a mixture of ethanol and water. The process involved in the production of alcoholic is further considered as aerobic process since the conversion takes place in the absence of oxygen (Sarton, 1975).

Attitude and responsibility towards alcohol drinks has been considered as a life style among many people. From the healthcare departments, Europe has dominated the highest consumption per as per the ratio. Alcohol remains of the main great issue as far as the production processes involved is concern. Many societies therefore adore the principles involved in the production of alcohol since hazardous alcohol consumption remains not only public health priority but for the nation at large (Hugh, 1987).
Many people in European countries have reduced the habit of alcohol consumption as seen from most of the research hence portraying a positive attitude towards the consumption of alcohol at large. Alcohol production in other hand provides economic stabilities within a country through revenue collection. From traditional ways of alcohol production up to the technological era, alcohol production has been of more significance in one way or the other. Doctors recommend alcohol sometimes to many people in need of health care. Ethanol is an alcoholic by product that has no taste and flavor and it is suitable in creation of sweet sensation in mouth thus adding viscosity in the body (McGovern, 2003).
Alcohol products and services are presented as well as communicated in various media platforms. This media includes; print media like newspaper, book, pamphlet, and outdoor media like billboards, signs, or placards placed outside a given commercial building or as well inside stadiums. However, alcohol products can be advertised through internet, public and event organizing, Televisions as well as through the acquisition of QR codes (Small, 2011).
Formal and Informal market of alcoholic beverages
Formal and informal market of the product and/or service within the Hospitality Industry
In marketing of the alcoholic beverages depends on the consumption behavior alongside production processes involved. When a product is of more value and has a great flavor, then market within hospitality sector becomes easier. However, the measure in productivity may be ambiguous and inadequate leading to unhelpful comparisons and this creates competitions of various beverages in terms of production, flavor and packaging that acts as compelling aspects of formal and informal hospitality within beverages industry (Prochaska & Wilkie, 2010).
Beverage industry today
In contemporary world, trends in beverage industry have changed in the sense that industries have introduced flavored drinks and creative packaging in order to reach to more customers in the world. In addition, the beverage industry is not affected by the global recession because of the increasing social acceptability and conspicuous consumption, which has pushed the industry to greater heights (Small, 2011).
Bar Industry today
The bar industry in contemporary world is in a mature stage. This maturity is because of the decline in and transforming preferences towards consumption of alcohol. In addition, the bar industry is experiencing stiff competition from other industries such as full service restaurants and casinos that sell alcohol and other alcoholic drinks in packed bags. Further, consumption habits and patterns of alcohol are moving towards consumption of packaged forms such as cans and bottle at home particularly imported beer and wine, and far from drinking in bars.
Summarily, alcohol, a bi product of yeast is produced through fermentation process. The processes involved in the production plays a vital role as far as marketing, consumption and hospitality is concerned. Many industries are at verge of producing high quality alcohol beverages that meets the production policies in regards to the standards laid down by various regulatory policy bodies. The bar industry is in a mature phase because of the change in preferences towards consumption of alcohol.

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