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Case Study Unit 9 - Essay Example

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Case Study Unit 9 Introduction Human service professionals are regarded to be those personnel who are entitled with the responsibility to help people suffering from any kind of psychological pressure and seeking counseling assistance. However, the conception of human services is a broad phenomenon encompassing legal aspects along with psychological, social as well as ethical responsibilities when developing strategies for the helping process…
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Case Study Unit 9
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Download file to see previous pages The impact of personal values, beliefs, prejudices and stereotypes on the helping process There are various factors which tend to impose significant impacts upon the successful completion of a helping process among which, the effects of personal values, beliefs, prejudices and stereotypes can be regarded as few of the most apparent influencing elements. As can be observed in the case scenario of Reggie and Todd, both these individuals differ significantly on the basis of their personal values, beliefs and prejudices. For instance, Reggie deciphered strong masculine personal values whereas Todd possessed effeminate characteristics to a greater extent which can impose a significant barrier in developing mutual understanding and feel of compromising among these individuals thus harming the helping process. The beliefs and prejudices deciphered by these two individuals have also been observed to be highly distinctive. Where on one hand, the welcoming behavior of Todd to bring Reggie back home may help in the helping process; on the other hand, the rejection of Reggie and his intention to become independent can be both helping and harming the helping process. ...
Contextually, such traits may restrict the development of understanding and stress handling among them which can impose significant impacts on their job prospects. Thus, it can be stated that these factors can be helpful or harmful for a helping process subjected to the gap between the objectives of the human service professionals and the behavioral traits of the individuals in terms of personal beliefs, prejudices, values and stereotypes (Brill, 2005; National Organization for Human Services, n.d.). Potential ethical and legal issues surrounding the case There are various potential ethical as well as legal issues which can be identified as related with the case of Reggie and Todd. One of the most apparent legal issues that can be identified by the human service professional in this context is the physical violence caused by Todd on Reggie. During the interview process, Reggie revealed that being scared and frustrated due to the continuous arguments for six weeks, Todd had threatened of physical harm to him with a knife owing to which, he had to accommodate in a boarding house. On the other hand, Todd explained that Reggie had been physically abusing him. Additionally, during the interview as well, it was observed that Todd possessed a dominating attitude towards Reggie by interrupting him when speaking to the human service professionals. Contextually, a major ethical issue that can be identified with reference to the case scenario is the obtainment of job opportunities by both Todd and Reggie. Although they have been recorded to be registered under specific governmental and developmental schemes to assist people after their prison sentence to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Case Study Unit 9 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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