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Justification of the Chemistry lesson plan and concept map - Essay Example

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While at some places there were complements for being able to identify the issue in an objective manner, there were couple of other places where some suggestions were…
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Justification of the Chemistry lesson plan and concept map
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Download file to see previous pages But after going thru the comments I realised that the heading is indeed quite broad and indicative of encompassing a wide range of topics. Though quite relevant one, but for a 60-90 minute class we need to have a more focused topic. Therefore, I changed the topic to, ‘Describe the use of pH scale in comparing the concentrations of acids and alkalis’.
In addition, the prepared lesson plan appeared quite comprehensive; therefore I changed the duration of the lesson plan also to 90 minutes from 60 minutes. I do realise the fact that it might become a tiring experience for students to be attentive for a full one and half hours, but the fact that there are some interesting and interactive experiments within the lesson, will help in sustaining the interest of students all this while.
In this case also, initially my effort was to demarcate the outcomes in an objective manner. So I included a total of 5 points under the head ‘objectives’ and seven points under the head ‘Key concepts/ ideas’. But the feedback made me realise that, with more points the lesson might give a lengthier look, which may result in putting off the students in the initial stages itself. Therefore in the revised lesson plan I included only three objectives viz.
It certainly helps to be objective in order to grab the attention of students and make them feel comfortable. Ridley (2004) came out with the assertion that in order to overcome the differences in expectations existing between them, the teacher and students must have a minimum level of sensitivity and understanding towards each other. This is stated to be of particular importance in the beginning of an academic programme or while teaching a new concept. Therefore, too many points might give them a feeling of an overdose for the day. But it must be taken into consideration while we try to explain the ideas to the students we will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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