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The Effect of Management Style on Employee Behavior - Essay Example

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The importance of effective leadership and management with regard to survival and growth is important in any organizational setting whether it is in business, government, non-profit organizations or the society. One can see many types of leaders and managers going about their…
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The Effect of Management Style on Employee Behavior
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, such theories and styles have been classified into distinct areas depending upon the time of evolution and the line of thought followed. For example, the theories pertaining to scientific management is now considered as traditional theories and is not taken seriously now. Other theories have been classified as motivational, while still others have been classified on the basis of style. The important and influential ones are discussed here briefly.
Traditional theories of leadership were the ones that evolved during the beginning of the twentieth century and practically came about to increase productivity of labourers during the industrial revolution. What is to be noted that such theories were considered to be too inhuman and were replaced to a large extent by those that are attuned towards the needs and feelings of employees. The two influential theorists at that time were Frederick Winslow Taylor and Max Weber. Taylor’s scientific management theory: Taylor’s observations about management and work practices made huge impression during the time his theory of scientific management was published. He changed the arbitrary or rule of thumb practices (lack of standardization or scientific approach) adopted by organizations of the time. Each organization had their own ways of management and production which was very wasteful by modern day standards and Taylor could bring about a great change in this regard. Taylor brought in some rules that are even followed today. His approach required a strong hierarchy of command, responsibility, compensation based on productivity, separation of planning and other processes, and specialization of labour. He also brought in the concept of management by exception where routine matters were left to low and middle level management and only exceptional matters be brought to the attention of the top management. Many of his concepts are still in use today thought not necessarily in its original ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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