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Is Leadership an Effective Way of Monitoring Employees at Leicester University - Research Paper Example

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The main questions of the paper are: What is the relationship between features of transactional leadership with job satisfaction among the employees at University? What is the relationship between transformational leadership such as inspirational motivation with job satisfaction among employees at University?…
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Is Leadership an Effective Way of Monitoring Employees at Leicester University
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Extract of sample "Is Leadership an Effective Way of Monitoring Employees at Leicester University"

Download file to see previous pages Any organization that fosters high job satisfaction can draw and retain employees with the required skills. Several scholars have tried to look at the link between the two and concur that organizational leadership plays a major role in job satisfaction and organizational commitment. High levels of job satisfaction enhance employee’s psychological and physical wellbeing and have positive effects on employee performance (Sivanathan, 2002). Job satisfaction of employees is the attitude that employees have towards the organization and their job. Several researchers have argued that job fulfillment is largely affected by several contextual factors varying from salary, job security, job satisfaction, job autonomy, suppleness at the place of work to leadership. Particularly, organizational leaders can embrace suitable styles of leadership to have an effect on employee commitment, job satisfaction, and productivity.
Past studies looked into the link between employee job satisfaction and leadership behavior in some settings like education, military, healthcare, and business organizations (Porac, Sivanathan & Bass, 2005). These studies have shown that employee job satisfaction in the public sector is equally important as in the private sector. This study is going to examine two leadership styles, namely, transformational and transactional as a better way of evaluating employees at Leicester University.
Leadership is a process where leaders interrelate with their followers and try to persuade their followers in realizing the intended goals. Previous studies have identified different types of leadership. Among the common forms of leadership styles are transformational and transactional. Transformational leadership put emphasis on the personal growth and intrinsic motivation of their followers. This type of leadership tries to align the aspirations and needs of their followers to that of the organization.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Is Leadership an Effective Way of Monitoring Employees at Leicester Research Paper.
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