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Can you make a topic for me - Assignment Example

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In fact, until now, lives are decided based on traditional beliefs and going against traditional belief is still considered taboo. For example,…
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Can you make a topic for me
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Download file to see previous pages For example, women are traditionally believed to take feminine jobs like office works, teaching, secretary, etc. So, if a woman shows interest in masculine jobs like going into the military, or working in construction sites as heavy equipment operators, she is more or less judged as lesbian.
Traditional beliefs are pervasive in almost all aspects of people’s lives. The problem is, as these traditional beliefs deeply penetrates and sits comfortably into people’s sub-consciousness from one generation to another generation, they are difficult to get rid of, and they hurt people’s lives because to transgress traditional beliefs is not easy, instead it is agonizing. One particular example is the traditional belief that colored people who marry outside of their color hate their culture, values and/or themselves. If this is so, is the issue we would like to reflect on in our story below. But before we tell the story, let us first define what self-hate is.
Self-hate is defined as “an extreme dislike of oneself, one’s action… or one’s own race…” (Absolute 2009, par. 3). “Self-hatred is not a nightmare from which one suddenly awakens. It is a war of attrition against a negative self-image that requires nothing less than a complete interrogation of one’s core assumptions and values” (Lewis 2004, 7). Even if self-hatred is culture based, its effect is psychological. And “of the many psychological disorders afflicting visible minorities, none is more unforgiving than self-hatred… [because] unlike the thief who cries hunger, or the rapist provocation, the self-hater has no recourse because he refuses to admit to his condition” (Ibid). So, is marrying someone not belonging to your own race a manifestation of self-hate? Let us see from this story once told to me…
Lolita is a graduate of Business Administration from one of the private universities in Manila, the capital city of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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