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Topic Selection Process - Essay Example

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Each one of us has had a conflict with another person (Goemans, 2000). I have always been interested with managing conflicts. I became aware of this issue while still young, and mediated between people with conflicts (Ackerman,…
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Topic Selection Process
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Extract of sample "Topic Selection Process"

Topic selection process As long as people live and work together, conflicts will always be there hence the relevance of this topic. I settled on conflict management as my topic.
How did you come to be interested in this topic; where and when did you first become aware of it?
Conflicts have been with us from time immemorial. Each one of us has had a conflict with another person (Goemans, 2000). I have always been interested with managing conflicts. I became aware of this issue while still young, and mediated between people with conflicts (Ackerman, 2003). Many of my childhood friends would make fun of it when I tried resolving their problems. My intention and hope is to see people live in harmony and work together. I wanted to come up with conflict management strategies which would help people live harmoniously and hence great achievements in work.
What were the key phrases, statements, or questions that provide you with search terms and where did these come from?
When I went to the internet and searched on conflict, the results were amazing. There were results on the definition of conflict, conflict management, and conflict resolution (Alice, 2003). Many topics on conflict were available including the causes of conflict, types of conflict, and conflict examples. Searching conflict management gives an interesting result about conflict management skills.
What is your initial sense about how much literature exists on your topic?
When I searched on the topic conflict management, a lot of articles came up. This shows the huge amount of literature available on the topic (Gleditsch, 2002). There are book in electronic form and also in print form which are available, on conflict management and resolution. The literature available is sufficient to complete my project.
Recognizing that the initial questions one typically presents on a given topic are not (yet) crafted to the level of specificity required for a research question—and these initial questions really just serve to get you into a particularly body of literature, what makes a good inquiry question?
In coming up with an inquiry question, one should consider a question which is interesting to the inquirer. The inquiry question should be an open research question. The question should give room for a number of answers.

Alice, A., 2003. “The Idea and Practice of Conflict Prevention”, Journal of Peace Research, vol 40, Dryden Press.
Gleditsch, K.,S., 2002. Expanded trade and GDP Data. Journal of Conflict Resolution 46. McGraw Hill, Irwin.
Goemans, H., E., 2000. Fighting for survival: The fate of leaders and the duration of war. Journal of Conflict Resolution. Oxford: Clarendon Press 44. Oxford: Clarendon Press. Read More
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Topic Selection Process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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