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How you have applied your prior learning at HND Business studies level in your work - Essay Example

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It is the education that separates us from rest of the living beings in the universe. Education can be of many forms. Significantly, the two forms of education are formal and informal. Formal education refers to…
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How you have applied your prior learning at HND Business studies level in your work
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Extract of sample "How you have applied your prior learning at HND Business studies level in your work"

Download file to see previous pages from society or behaviour or family. I have achieved Higher National Diploma in 1984 as the result of my study during the span of 1982-84 from Thames Valley University, which is presumed to be the number 1 modern university of London (Thames Valley University, n.d.).
The study of HND has been of great help me in the long career of mine. The modules that I studied in the course, way back in 1982 to 1984 always had its real life applications. The modules that were part of the course included economic geography, organisation and human relations, accounting and information systems, international business environment and business and society. Also, the Higher National Diploma had the subjects like buyer behaviour, marketing and the market research, travel and tourism and personnel management.
The knowledge that I received in the yearly days of my career helped me lot to shape the future course of action. At the very outset of my career, I had the opportunity to work with the famous ice cream brand, Walls. Though, the job that I was engaged with was really not that significant for such a brand of repute, yet my knowledge and application of Higher National Diploma helped me to soon get promoted. I joined the ice-cream house as the phone sales person. But soon with my flair for the job along with my knowledge in buyer behaviour and aspects of marketing, I over achieved the target and got promoted to the office administration. In the administration of Walls, which is now a subsidiary of the Unilever, I continued for couple of years (Unilever, n.d.).
In the mean time, I had an offer from a pub for the post of assistant manager. I presumed the offer to be better than the job that I was into both in terms of monetary benefits and as well as authorities and responsibilities. So, I went for the job of the assistant manager at the pub. Being Assistant Manager at the pub, I could experience wide range of activities. It also helped at developing the managerial skills ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How You Have Applied Your Prior Learning at HND Business Studies Level Essay.
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