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Wikis and Collaborative Knowledge Construction - Case Study Example

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The aim of this report “Wikis and Collaborative Knowledge Construction” is to investigate the impact of wikis on the individual and society. The report also makes an analysis of the influence of wikis on the business organization and their information system process…
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Wikis and Collaborative Knowledge Construction
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Extract of sample "Wikis and Collaborative Knowledge Construction"

Download file to see previous pages Wikis provide simple and cheap means of communication and central storage capacity. They allow for the creation of a database that is easily accessible by the business organization. The aim of this business report is to investigate the impact of wikis on the individual and society. The report also makes an analysis of the influence of wikis on the business organization and their information system process. The ethical concerns of the deployment of wikis are studied and evaluated in the final section of the report.
In order to arrive at the proper conclusions and deductions, the analytical method of inquiry has been chosen. 
Wikis are considered to be one of the technological innovations that have accompanied the Internet. They allow users to format and configure web pages in order to disseminate and publish information. This unique attribute of wikis allows it to receive feedback and comment from Internet users. The advantages of wikis are that they assist in the categorization and management of information. Comprehensive and collective volumes of information can exist using this technology which assists in removing bottlenecks (Caverly, 36). Wikis have been radically altering society because of their ability to provide synchronized and concurrent information. The vibrant and energetic nature of this technology carries many benefits for the individual and society. For business organizations, it allows the sharing and amalgamation of information for all members. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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