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Interior architecture in context - Essay Example

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While Aldo Rossi is an individual architect born in the year 1931, Herzog & De Meuron is a firm of architects that was established in the year 1978, as both the partners, Herzog and De Meuron were born in Basel and studied architectcture together, graduating from the Swiss…
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Interior architecture in context
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Download file to see previous pages s a course assistant with reputed architects like Ludovico Quaroni and Carlo Aymonino, for a while after taking the Degree in Architecture from Polytechnic University in Milan, in 1959. While Rossi taught the subject at various universities, he was internationally famous professor to teach in Zurich, Spain and America................(Aldo Rossi...)
However, The Herzog & Demeuron being a commercial firm started making achievements in the building feats, right from their inception, as they designed museums, schools, art centers, libraries and residences as well as stadiums. Their design achievements can be seen in their works of Goetz art gallery at Munich in Germany, Institute for Hospital Pharmaceuticals, at Basel, Switzerland, built in 1998, Technical School Library at Eberswalde in Germany, and the latest one as the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum, San Francisco, California (2005). Apart from the Walker Art Center Expansion, designed by them at Minneapolis during the year 2005, there are other famous centers accredited to this firm.....(Herzog...)
Herzog& De Meuron impressed the architectural world right from their first building, Ricola Warehouse as they brought in this design, an element of surprise of the fellow architects, although both the architects were young and below the age of forty years at that time. As the building was given a formal restrain that resulted in a canonical form, they established their own logic in this design, although the Ricola warehouse was built with reduced dimensions. While the walls enclosed the space in neutral manner, the handling of materials like the laminated wood panels and other things was done very efficiently to give the walls a traditional pattern that included rhythm and proportion.
As many other architects of the later twentieth century tried to bring in originality and proposed new ideas, Herzog&De Meurone did propose new goals that were very refreshing, while solving the problems related to the cornice. While ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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