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Role of Men and Women in the work force - Essay Example

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The reason for this is that certain sets of work are recognized to be the hallmarks of men while other rest purely on the shoulders of the women workforce. With the advent of time, the work…
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Role of Men and Women in the work force
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"Role of Men and Women in the work force"

Download file to see previous pages In essence, both men and women have had differential work roles in the recent past and credit must be given to the organizational top heads who have realized that it is good to assign tasks based on the competence of individuals, who work for the sake of the organization in the long term. The role of both men and women has drastically changed and the middle tier also needs to be appreciated for the efforts brought forward by the management studies. Therefore productivity comes out as the eventual winner and the organization starts earning respect within the industrial domains. It is indeed an encouraging sign that both men and women are now being treated uniformly – an aspect which used to lack quite a lot a decade back. One can hope that there would be further pragmatic changes in the coming times as well. The need is to have proper arrangements which will help solve the problems in a localized manner, i.e. organization to organization ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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