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Roles of Women in World War II - Research Paper Example

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The author concludes that the roles of the women revolutionized completely during World War II. Women stepped out of their homes and entered all sorts of industries to work alongside men and it is to be noted that although the change in roles was intended to be only till the war remains …
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Roles of Women in World War II
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Extract of sample "Roles of Women in World War II"

Download file to see previous pages Since most husbands, sons, and fathers went away to help in the war, someone had to step out and support the family. In this scenario, women stepped out to perform both the tasks of taking care of their homes as well as supporting them financially. (Litoff, 1997).
Furthermore, there were many other social responsibilities that needed to be taken care of like volunteering and social work, rationing, farming etc. (Lewis, 2010 “Women, and World War II”). Women were also needed in the military to help in various tasks like nursing the injured soldiers, cooking the food, etc. Later through these entrances in the military, women found their way to the combating military posts as well. (Daryl, 2008).
On the governmental level, a pull was also created for the women to persuade them to step out of their homes and help the country win the war by working in the industries, volunteering and social working, etc. (Yellin, 2004). An iconic character Rosie the Riveter was created and various posters were made showing Rosie the Riveter as a symbol of how women should be during the war at the home front and elsewhere, i.e. strong, energetic, dependable, active and helpful. (Lewis, 2010 “Rosie the Riveter”). This character of Rosie the Riveter blew a new spirit in the women of the wartime and encouraged them to step ahead and play their part. (Lewis, 2010 “Women and World War II”).
All in all, women started taking a more active part in building the society and this was highly encouraged officially by the government and related bodies as well. There are various roles that the women played during the World War II. (Zeinert, 1994). These roles are discussed as follows.
During the Second World War, most of the domestic workforce (comprising of men) went away to either fight or to work in industries for war-production.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Roles of Women in World War II Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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