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I haven't decided yet It might be something about advertising - Essay Example

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Wal-Mart tries to achieve this reduced pricing strategy by cost optimisation in business processes like advertising, logistics, branding, cost effective supplier…
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I havent decided yet It might be something about advertising
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Extract of sample "I haven't decided yet It might be something about advertising"

Download file to see previous pages dvertisements in Wal-Mart retailing, to analyse Wal-Mart as a global retailer, to identify the role of advertisements in Wal-Mart and to frame certain recommendations for the improved success of Wal-Mart through effective advertising. With a Confidence Interval of 90%, the sample size for this research happens to be 100 participants. This survey research has collected data related to the advertising media and advertising of the products of Wal-Mart. The data collected are statistically analysed using MINITAB statistical tool in terms of mean, standard deviation, tally tables and Pearson’s correlation. It has been found that Wal-Mart uses TV as major advertising media but other media like newspapers, billboards, mobile phones, digital signage, direct mail, cinema have not been used much for advertising. Also certain product range of Wal-Mart like musical storage devices, health and beauty products, jewellery, Grocery products and few others have not been advertised effectively. Based on this data analysis and discussion, this research has formulated a set of recommendations for improved advertising strategies of Wal-Mart.
This chapter introduces the research concept and research scenario. The aim and objectives of this research are to be discussed along with the main research question and the supporting research hypotheses. The significance of this research work has also been emphasised along with the introduction of the research design specific to this research work.
Started by Sam Walton in 1962 in US, Wal-Mart is expanding in it’s retail business all over the world. The business model of Wal-Mart happens to be ‘Every Day Low Prices’, which has earned many customers. Wal-Mart tries to achieve this reduced pricing strategy by cost optimisation in business processes like advertising, logistics, branding, cost effective supplier strategies, store design and merchandising. The international operations of Wal-Mart started in 1991 in the form of super stores ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I haven'T Decided Yet It Might Be Something about Advertising Essay.
“I haven'T Decided Yet It Might Be Something about Advertising Essay”, n.d.
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