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The present essay concerns the issue of the media impact on the U. S. politics. Apparently, like most countries in the world, the USA and its people use and encounter different types of media every day, their choices ranging from television, radio, film, print and online…
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Media and US Politics
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Download file to see previous pages Just like all around the world, the readership of the print medium has been steadily declining due to the rise of the online medium. And although there are many famous broadsheets, most of these have adopted a political stance, almost making them a means of propaganda.
National news wires like Reuters and the Associated Press, on the other hand, have been known (all over the world) for their wide coverage in the U.S. and around the world. This is the same for the news magazines like Newsweek and TIME.
As for U.S. cinema, it has become one of the most famous media industries in the world, having had international success in merchandising and advertising.
Since the media can be seen, heard, felt and known throughout many parts of a country, one can realize how much impact it has on the people. Almost everything that an average American knows comes from a major newspaper, television network or radio station and whatever is translated into such media outfits come from the reporter or journalist’s point of view.
This point of view proves vital in the instances that the journalist “chooses” what qualifies as news by choosing what to write about. “Framing” also affects what the audience understands the issue at hand. Some things may not even exist for some people just because they are not aware of it.
Together with profit, these media corporations also reap criticisms. Issues of media ownership, bias, extortion, professionalism, and even ethics come to mind when one talks about the media.

Today, the difference between most newspapers is not actually the content but their vested interests and its history goes a long way.
For example, Benjamin Franklin, under a pseudonym, wrote an article in a publication recommending that the government print more paper money in 1728. However, Franklin did not mention that his printing company intended to bid for the said project.
Fifty years after, the U.S. Congress gave birth to media censorship with the passing of an order which basically prohibited the people from having dissenting opinion from the government. A few years later, former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln closed many newspapers on the claim that they were biased.
During the time of President Richard Nixon, the media played a central role in divulging the administration's secrets. The Watergate scandal proved that the pen really is mightier than the sword.
When the 1900s came, bias screamed from many newspapers, with them openly campaigning or supporting a certain politician, political view or party. Moreover, many newspapers went against each other or were used by opposing governments for propaganda. False reports also came to be as the times progressed.
In 1994, the Freedom Forum conducted a survey of reporters and editors in Washington to determine their political leaning. The press people were asked outright of their political affiliation, the percentages indicate their answers: 50% Democrats, 4% Republican. Regarding ideological persuasions, 61% were liberal while a measly 2% were conservative. As for their vote in 1992, a whopping 89% voted Clinton and Bush got 7%.
According to an article last year in the Washington Times, most Americans think the media is guilty of making ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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