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Politics Involving the Media, And Reasons the Media Is Used as a Prime Outlet for Reaching the Public And How It Works - Essay Example

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Mass media has been an important tool of influence that many people have been using in the process of getting information from various parts of the world. This paper examines how mass media is often used in advancing political interest in how it reaches the public in various places…
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Politics Involving the Media, And Reasons the Media Is Used as a Prime Outlet for Reaching the Public And How It Works
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Extract of sample "Politics Involving the Media, And Reasons the Media Is Used as a Prime Outlet for Reaching the Public And How It Works"

Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that people are the most important consumers of information in the media. Therefore, they often develop content that can suit their interests and those of people that give it revenues by airing their agenda. In this case, they often do not put major emphasis on encouraging communication and other forms of information sharing. They are least concerned with strengthening public dialogue or facilitating the process of formulating common decisions. This can be achieved if the media can decide to be objective in the process of framing their news and other episodic events. in as much as the functions of the media remains to be education, the public will always remain to be perceived as passive participants and active consumers of the news and other kinds of information from the media
This paper makes a conclusion that the media is an important tool by which people often get information that enhances their decision-making skills. The media plays a big role in the process of creating and sustaining the democratic process in countries. By providing this information, people can make their decisions concerning various political agenda. Politics are an important aspect of governance in the growth of the democratic processes in countries. The media has a role to play as far as creating and reporting on the issues and political agenda. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Politics Involving the Media, And Reasons the Media Is Used As a Prime Essay.
“Politics Involving the Media, And Reasons the Media Is Used As a Prime Essay”, n.d.
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