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Transnational Immigrants in a Global Society - Essay Example

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They thought that despite several elements of socio-cultural changes people will be able to learn that they belong to one society…
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Transnational Immigrants in a Global Society
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Download file to see previous pages On one hand he carries the stains of his culture with him and on the other hand when he is prevented from being considered a part of the new society, he automatically finds himself alienated. The sense of missing his own root, his culture, elements of his upbringing, recognition in his own society and the total sense of fulfillment is incited. Pondering over the current structure of the US society this sense of being unfulfilled becomes more explicit. Modern US society can be regarded as a perfect example of the global society where people from different ethnic background, from different nations have gathered with the aspiration to introduce new changes to their lives, to aspire for a better future. Most of the time, such feelings are generated from the perspective of attaining a better fortune rather than love for the nation. However such aspiration for attaining materialist gain could not subdue their spontaneous longing for their upbringing and culture. Such social alienation most of time gives birth to existentialist angst and they, consequently, also develop a feeling of hostility against that particular society. In the course of understanding what kind of problems can occur at the psychical level of an individual who, though is living in the US but transcends often to hi original existence, we have met Rina, a 34 years old lady, who has come down to the US for the purpose of completing her higher studies. While meeting frequently with her I have asked Rina several questions about her feeling over her stay at the US, her feelings about lifestyle in the new society and how she finds it different from her ethnic Indian upbringing.
It is a quite common conviction transitional immigration is an entirely political phenomenon but the main impact of transitional immigration over socio cultural aspects of a nation most of the time has been ignored. In this context Reed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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