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Affirmative Action - Research Paper Example

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Discrimination – most notably racial discrimination characterized by too much hatred and antagonism specifically against the Blacks had been a dark part of American history haunting it until now. Unequal treatment due to race, gender, creed and nationality was rampant, and in…
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Affirmative Action
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"Affirmative Action"

Download file to see previous pages hold 69 % of white-collar positions, only 10 % of them are in the management position; in the private business sector, employees of Asian origin make up 87% of its professionals but only 1.3% of them are in the management position; generally, the ratio for employees holding white-collar positions in the US is 3 out of 7 employees, but for Blacks it is 1 of 7; Blacks get 50 % of menial jobs in the US such as garbage collectors and maids, and only 4% of managerial positions (Taylor 1991, National Center for Education Statistics 1990, Schwartz 1984, Vetter 1989, and Pave 1986, quoted in Beauchamp 1997, 216).
While the US prides its self to be the epitome of freedom and equality with civil liberties deeply engraved in its constitution, data above clearly contradict this claim. Aiming to correct past mistakes and to pursue fairness and equality by taking legal measures against racial, religious and ethnic discrimination in employment (in the years to come, gender discrimination was also included) President John F. Kennedy, barely two months after assuming office, issued Executive Order 10925 on March 6, 1961 creating his Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity charged to take affirmative action that ensures the federal government and its contractors observe equal employment opportunity for all qualified persons in the government. This consequentially has institutionalized the US government’s commitment to affirmative action (Cohen 2003,12). President Kennedy’s Executive Order introducing affirmative action to the consciousness of the American people was followed by succeeding Acts further institutionalizing affirmative action: The Civil Rights Act signed on July 2, 1964 and Executive Order 11246 issued on September 24, 1965 both by President Lyndon Johnson; and The Philadelphia Order initiated by President Richard Nixon in 1969 (Brunner 2007, 1).
Thus, affirmative action has come to mean “positive steps taken to increase the representation of women and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Affirmative Action
...?Affirmative Action The principle of affirmative action Affirmative action (hereforth referred to as “AA is defined as “a set of practices undertaken by employers, university admission offices, and government agencies to go beyond nondiscrimination, with the goal of actively improving the economic status of minorities and women with regard to employment, education and business ownership and growth” (Holzer & Neumark, 469). The phrase “affirmative action” was introduced by Executive Order 10925. EO 10925 was issued by U.S. President John F. Kennedy in 1961, which urged employers to actively adopt policies...
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Affirmative Action
...? 17 March Affirmative Action Affirmative action is a policy in the United s which emphasizes upon the need for provision of equal opportunities of employment which the law requires the federal subcontractors and contractors to adopt. The affirmative action is implemented with an intention to eradicate discrimination on the basis of such factors as origin, race, ethnicity, sex and color against the candidates applying for a position. The United States Department of Labor has implemented the affirmative action in a number of ways that include but are not limited to targeted recruitment, employee support programs, outreach campaigns, and management development. The American society has conventionally suffered a lot from racism... and...
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Affirmative Action
...? Affirmative Action Teacher: December 9, Affirmative action is still needed in There are discrepancies between thewhite males versus women and nonwhite males in terms of equal rights to education and higher paying jobs. The research delves into the hiring of minorities and accepting minorities in school programs. The research also focuses on viability of implementing the provisions of the affirmative action law during 2012. The companies and schools must implement all the provisions of the affirmative action law. Affirmative action includes requiring the companies to...
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Affirmative action
...Affirmative Action The concept of Affirmative Action is one that has been developed in order to address the inequalities that exist within society,so that all races and classes of people living within the United States can enjoy similar privileges at the workplace and in public places. Affirmative Action was a follow up to the Civil Rights Act that was formulated in response to the discrimination that was meted out to blacks, both in the workplace, at schools and in public places. The basic premise of Affirmative Action is that everyone is equal and that all races and classes have equal access to the resources of the country. Therefore, Affirmative Action is a move by Government to affirm and confirm the principles set out... in the...
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Affirmative Action
...Affirmative Action Policies Back in the history of organizational culture and values discrimination strongly prevailed. Color was a major factor in deciding the capability and worth of a human being. It didn’t matter if an African American was literate or most fit for the job, it didn’t matter if an Asian or a colored man or a woman had more education or talent than a white man, race and color were strong considerations in job descriptions. Now many successful organizations are realizing the worth of affirmative action policies and the positive effect that they have on the organizational culture and the output. Affirmative action refers...
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Affirmative Action
...Affirmative Action as an Imperfect Social Program As a social program that attempts to help those in society that have been unfairly discriminated against, affirmative action has a long, controversial history. In order to talk about it, a direct definition is necessary: ““Affirmative action” means positive steps taken to increase the representation of women and minorities in areas of employment, education, and business from which they have been historically excluded” (Fullinwinder, 2005). In part, the reason for this is multi-faceted. First, it informs caucasians that racism still exists, though many would like to act as though it has been eradicated. Secondly, non-minorities have perceived a reverse racism when chosen over... for...
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Affirmative Action
...Affirmative Action Introduction At the beginning of the XXI century, the policy of affirmative action is still of vital importance. Politics and human rights policy have changed significantly throughout the previous century. Unfortunately, not all the problems of equal opportunities at the workplace have been solved. For females and minority employees, affirmative action proposes great opportunities to be equally treated and protected (to some extent). Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages of these policies. They include low-qualifies fork force and low-personal achievements of employees involved in the affirmative...
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Affirmative Action
...Affirmative Action Programs Discrimination in the labor force is unfortunately much more prevalent than most people think. Job discrimination means that certain groups of individuals face barriers, both hidden and overt, to their active participation and inclusion in an employment setting. Insidious yet pervasive, job discrimination affects all types of people but is particularly harmful to certain group of individuals. Accordingly, women, people with disabilities as well as people who are older face a variety of impediments to their full participation in the labor force in this country. The following will explore job discrimination with an eye to how this form of discrimination affects certain groups...
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Affirmative Action
...Affirmative Action February 13. Affirmative Action Introduction Human Resource Management (HRM) involves implementation of the Affirmative Action provisions. The research delves on the realities of implementing the Affirmative Acton law. The research delves on reasons behind the law’s compulsory enactment. Affirmative Action law grants better chances to the female and minority groups, in terms of employment, school enrollment, and other activities. The implementation of the Affirmation Action law decreases discrimination in our American society. ...
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Affirmative Action
...Affirmative action It is sound and sensible that like other government foundations, the focal discernment office recognizes affirmative regarding minorities in society as a social objective since incorporates everyone in the operation of day by day exercises (McCrudden, 2012). In accordance with affirmative action regarding minorities in society in connection livelihood inside the U.s, veteran inclination for open vocation have been intrinsic to edgy effects, visually challenged and barely custom-made exercises inside the states. Work in the U.s has been dependent upon opposing strategy, which the administration has termed as a restrictive demonstration...
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