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Computer Will the cost and power of personal computers continue on the current trend - Essay Example

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Scientists are of the opinion that even the basic model personal computer in the years to come will have processors with much higher capacities. It is assumed that these computers will incorporate…
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Computer Will the cost and power of personal computers continue on the current trend
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Download file to see previous pages Some experts predict that there will be neural – computers in the future. This interface will transmit information between humans and computers directly. As such, humans will be able to interact with computers and communicate with them (Akass, 2008).
The cost of personal computer is much less than what it was in the year 1977. Advancement in computer technology has brought about a corresponding reduction in the cost of computers. Moreover, computer hardware developers are attempting to produce a laptop that would be sold for a mere $100 in the near future. Students at the MIT are developing a basic computer that is to be sold for $12. These students are using the technology that was employed in the manufacture of Apple II (The History of the Computer: First PCs and the Future Computer Timeline, 2008).
This simple computer is equipped with video – game controls for performing basic functions. The claim of these students is that they are building the computer with a view to making technology available to everyone. All this transpires, because the technology becomes less costly and consequently affordable. This enables manufacturers to produce computers at much lower prices (The History of the Computer: First PCs and the Future Computer Timeline, 2008).
A personal computer runs on electrical power. It requires a stable supply of electrical power without any voltage fluctuations to maintain reliability. As such, power supply to personal computers is an important issue, which should not be overlooked. The stability of the PC is dependent on supply of uninterrupted power at the correct voltage. The power converting units in the PC convert AC power input to DC power output and supply it to the various components of the PC (Laing, 2008).
The physicist Richard Feynman had proposed the concept of quantum computing twenty – six years ago. This proved to be a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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