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Costs of Breast Cancer Drugs - Personal Statement Example

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It is a well known fact that breast cancer is a devastating disease that affects women both physically and psychologically. …
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Costs of Breast Cancer Drugs
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Extract of sample "Costs of Breast Cancer Drugs"

888 County Rd 19 Whitesville, NY 14897 April 29, 2008 Mr. Stuart Johnson Wellness Reports Publisher of California Berkley Wellness Center
PO Box 420148
Palm Coast, FL 32142
Dear Mr. Johnson:
Please find enclosed an article entitled, "The High Cost of Breast Cancer Drugs" for publication in your esteemed journal.
It is a well known fact that breast cancer is a devastating disease that affects women both physically and psychologically. In spite of high mortality rates, the current treatment in the form of chemo-therapy is expensive, running up to $ 29,000 per month, even though such drug-therapy only retards the spread of the cancer, not eradicate it. The costs of better and improved drugs such as Avastin are even more, at $ 92,000. Pharmaceutical companies justify these costs on the grounds that they have to recover their investment on research and development. However, it would be a shame if countless women were to be denied the benefit of life-saving, non-invasive, drug therapy simply because they can not afford it. Such patients may then have to go in for radical surgery - an extremely traumatic experience leaving behind physical and psychological scars.
I feel that it is imperative that wide publicity is given to this fact so that drug therapy can be made more affordable to women in all walks of life. This can be done if pharmaceutical companies were to share the results of their research rather than to compete with each other and through government subsidies as part of a robust health care program.
Ann Allen Read More
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Costs of Breast Cancer Drugs Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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