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The Use of Chemotherapy in Cancer - Research Proposal Example

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From the paper "The Use of Chemotherapy in Cancer" it is clear that chemotherapy, as one of the major treatments currently available, is one such treatment that has undergone improvements and now shows even greater promise in successfully treating cancer…
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The Use of Chemotherapy in Cancer
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Extract of sample "The Use of Chemotherapy in Cancer"

Download file to see previous pages Chemotherapy continues to improve throughout the years. In this paper, the author examines chemotherapy by looking not only at its history but at its current developments and its future use.
In 2004, a total of one hundred fifty-three thousand three hundred ninety-seven (153,397) individuals died of cancer in the United Kingdom; 22% of which is caused by lung cancer, 11% by bowel cancer, 8% by breast cancer, 7% by prostate cancer and the rest (52%) by other forms of cancer. Among all other forms, lung cancer and breast cancer still rank as the most common forms of cancer in males and females, respectively. Trends in the incidence of cancer in the UK is an indication of the success of the campaigns against the disease as the figures show a decreasing mortality rate despite the increase in the incidence of the disease (Cancer Research UK Information Resource Centre, 2006). In the United States, on the other hand, the National Center for Health Statistics has in 2003 named malignant neoplasms, or cancer as the second leading cause of death following diseases of the heart. This is despite the fact that there has been a decline in cancer death rates from 1993-2002, as reported by the National Cancer Institute on the 2005 Update of Cancer Trends Progress Report. This paper is aimed at exploring the facts on the efficacy and the future of chemotherapy in the quest for a cure for cancer.
The National Cancer Institute defined cancer as a group of many related diseases. It starts when the process of cell differentiation takes on an abnormal pattern. Healthy cells usually grow and divide when the body needs them, and the death of some cells would be the signal for the production of new ones. When this pattern is disrupted and cells grow when they shouldn’t and they don’t die when they should, they form a mass of tissue called a growth or a tumor. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Use of Chemotherapy in Cancer Research Proposal.
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