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It showed their successes and how they lived their lives and their perspectives in their womanhood. It showed oppression and exploitation. It showed a lot of faces of…
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Chapter review
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"Chapter review"

Download file to see previous pages In Chapter 9, Poets and Revolutionaries: Three Women of Calcutta, she reveals the lives and insights of three strong-willed and talented women in the city, Aparna Sen, a film maker, Nabaneeta Dev Sen, a poet and Veena Bhargava, a painter. The chapter discussed their careers and their womanhood. In this chapter, you’ll be able to see their individuality and how they achieved their independence and uniqueness. This chapter provided Bumiller the contrast she needed in showing the different lives of the women in the rural villages and the women in the cities. Her interviews with the three successful women of the city showed that none of them think they faced problems because of their womanhood. This is in contrast to the other women she was able to interview during the previous chapters.
It shows here in this chapter that these three women were leading their lives not very different from their Western counterparts. They grew up having dinners with their families. They also have differences with themselves to the point that sometimes they question their own actions, choosing between their family life and their careers. Though they might not have any problems or issues that they encounter that will make them feel oppressed and exploited, far different from the other women of India living outside the cities, they have the common problem of the dilemma of doing one thing over another. This can be seen in the sacrifices that they have to make in order to become successful. The women in this chapter were only a few of those that were able to define their personal and social identities. They were able to master control over their lives, sometimes even the control over the men. Much different from the women of the rurals, where most are slaves to a very oppressing and exploitative society. Here, it showed how they used the many issues of oppression and exploitation of other women of India to push their own ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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