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Select 5 poems by Emily Dickinson and analyze them - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Emily Dickenson’s Poems. Emily Dickinson (1830 – 1886), is one of most popular poets of the American Romantic Movement. In fact, “she is now regarded as one of the two founders of American poetics, alongside Walt Whitman” (Poets…
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Select 5 poems by Emily Dickinson and analyze them
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Select 5 poems by Emily Dickinson and analyze them

Download file to see previous pages... The poems depart “from traditional forms as well as conventions of language and meter,” and are characterized by “her abstract, spare musicality and contemplative introversion” They encompass a wide range of emotions, from sorrow to love (Poets. org.). Emily Dickinson’s poems demonstrate her unique themes, style and use of poetical elements. In “I'm nobody! Who are you?” Dickinson uses her characteristic, unusual dash-like punctuation. The two quatrains are in iambic meter. The poem is satirical in tone and mocks a society which admires self-aggrandizement. Dickinson uses the simile of the frog to represent a self-important public figure. She goes on to use the derogatory word “bog” as a metaphor for a vacuous society which cannot identify true worth. By directly addressing the reader and using the word “us,” Dickinson establishes an immediate rapport and empathy with the reader and defiantly announces her self-identity outside social circles. There is a strong note of irony in the poem, as it is evident that the poet actually considers the “Nobodies” to be superior to the “some bodies” valued by pretentious society. In “It Sifts From Leaden Sieves”, Dickinson describes the great beauty of a winter landscape, giving it a sense of calm which soothes the reader. Nature here is seen as a source of peace and beauty. Again, Dickinson make effective use of several metaphors: the “leaden sieves” refer to gray, overcast winter skies, while “it” is the snow which dusts the landscape like flour; “Alabaster Wool” and “fleeces” represents snowflakes which are fluffy and white like wool and also cold like stone (alabaster); the earth is a face whose wrinkles and ups-and-downs are smoothed over by the snow. In a striking alliteration: “To Stump, and Stack - and –Stem” (Dickinson 13), the poet emphasizes every aspect of the snow-covered landscape. The snow is powdery flour, it is soft and fluffy wool, it is cold snow, it is a heavenly veil which covers the face of the earth, it is lace with ruffles the posts. The poem captures the beauty of winter through a wealth of imagery and metaphor. The poem, “I Like to See it Lap the Miles,” is in the form of a riddle. It uses metaphor to compare a train to a horse. The poet effectively conveys the image of the train as an iron horse which is voracious in its appetite for land and laps, licks and feeds itself. She also coveys the power of this ‘iron horse’ by metaphorically comparing it to the Boanerges, or sons of thunder. Dickinson uses weak rhyme in this poem, with words which have similar, but not identical, sounds: “up” and “step;” “peer” and “pare;” “while” and “hill;” “star” and “door.” There is an underlying strain of antagonism in the poem, as seen in the alliterative “horrid, hooting” (Dickinson 11). Dickinson is critical of the industrial invasion of the natural world by the railroad and feels that man’s closeness to nature is hindered by the effects of civilization. Dickinson’s poem, “Some Keep the Sabbath in Church,” clearly shows that she sees God in Nature. The quatrains show the traditional true rhyming pattern. The use of alliteration: “Some keep the Sabbath in Surplice” (Dickinson 5); “Sexton – sings” (8) and the capitalization of the keywords add emphasis to the poem. As is usual in her poems, Dickinson uses metaphor liberally: she compares the bobolink to the choir and to the sexton, the orchard to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Emily Dickinson
The characteristics of the American Romantic movement are themes of nature as a refuge, and source of spirituality, escapism, and the celebration of the common man. The focus is on intense emotions, imagination, and individualism. The Romantics experimented with literary forms, and did not conform to former rules of composition.
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Emily Dickinson
These, and others, meant that the country Dickinson died in was far removed from the one into which she was born. The atmosphere of the age was frenetic and confused, and although Dickinson herself was a recluse for most of her adult years, she was not unaffected by the times.
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Emily Dickinson
Her education took place at the primary school in her neighborhood, as well as Amherst Academy, a former boys’ school. Emily’s studies ranged from music, English, classical literature, Latin, geology, history, philosophy, and arithmetic, which prompted her to be regarded as one of the brightest students the school had ever seen (Sewall 342).
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Emily Dickinson: Themes, Motifs and Symbols in her poems
But it was her sister Lavinia who was the closest to her, just like her, Lavinia lived a life of single-blessedness and in practical seclusion from the outside world. It was also Lavinia who discovered the 40 volumes of poetry right after Emily’s death and brought this to the attention of her family.
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Emily Dickinson
And there are some who found her poems totally autobiographical. Her poems are interpreted psychoanalytically. Feminists call her a pray of patriarchy and gender criticism sees homosexuality in her poems. Charles Anderson who published a book length study of her poems puts forward a thematic sequence of her poems, like her theory of art, her perception of the external world or nature, her inner world of ecstasy and despair, her concern about man’s awareness of unavoidable death and his wish for immortality.
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Author study on Emily Dickinson
Her grandfather helped to establish Amherst College while her father is a lawyer and the treasurer of the college. His father was a so religious that people called him “Squire” Dickinson. Emily’s mother was known for fine cooking, her brother Austin for being bright thus became a lawyer and treasurer of Amherst College, and her sister Vinnie for being outspoken, witty, and pretty (Bolin, 4).
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Emily Dickinson
In the current essay, I have chosen to examine two of her poems Because I could not stop for Death and I heard a fly buzz when I died. I have chosen both poems in the same category as it provides avenue for a comparative study. Death is a favorite theme for Dickinson along with love, time and eternity.
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Poetry by Emily Dickinson
"Bereavement In Their Death To Feel" is about the narrator mourning a stranger they have never seen but know. This poem is hard to understand unless you have more knowledge about it. How can the narrator mourn a person they have never seen The answer to this question is simple once you know that the poem was around 1862, during the bloodiest part of the Civil War.
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Though her individual poems are often very short, often there are themes running through the separate fascicles that were grouped together. In specific, in fascicle 16 Dickinson presents her own
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Emily Dickinson
Choosing poems which are richly assembled with natural and elemental references will together, form a pattern of continuity even in varying authors. The first poem chosen for
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