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Paraphase, Summary and Quotation Assinment - Essay Example

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The later soldiers usually knew how to drive and had some education. He probably knew how to dance and grew up in an urban environment. Unlike his father he…
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Paraphase, Summary and Quotation Assinment
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Download file to see previous pages One big difference is where soldiers in the second war grew up: they “usually came from a city or big town,” while their fathers had grown up on farms. These latter-day soldiers were also a bit soft. They had probably never used a gun and were more interested in “the Jitterbug or the Big Apple . . .” The author talks about how memorable the experience of joining the army would be for these young men.
The author of this paragraph, C.L Sulzburger, uses evocative words such as “Jitterbug,” and “Lindy,” to bring the reader close to this period. When he talks about a “flappy olive-drab oufit” we see exactly what he’s talking about; likewise when he calls a buck sergeants “hard-cussing.” Throughout the paragraph, Sulzberger really shows us what it was like to join the army in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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