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Analysis of Ethics and Business - Assignment Example

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This paper "Analysis of Ethics and Business" discusses the question of whether the management of businesses should behave ethically. In the operational environment of businesses in their manner of selling products, businesses are expected to reflect their ethical standards…
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Analysis of Ethics and Business
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Ethics and Business"

Download file to see previous pages The alternative argument is that businesses are supposed to generate profits to their owners who sometimes constitute the management, to offer jobs for employees and to create wealth for the society in general. Anything else is an irrelevance at its best and at worst simply stands in the path of success in terms of profitability to a business.
The middle argument is that most businesses in the real world would like to achieve both the profit objective as well as ethical management. However, conflicts will always arise whereby when it comes to choosing what to come first, the business usually choose profits. These always upset people who perhaps might have expected too much from the business and yet haven’t reviewed the consequences of their personal opinions (Coppage,, 1992).

One argument that this research topic seeks to analyze is the question of whether the management of businesses should behave ethically or just be profit-minded and goal-oriented with a lack of ethical strives. In the operational environment where businesses operate in the selling of products and in which they hire and employ staff, businesses are expected to reflect their ethical standards to the society especially through ways in which they carry and treat their workers. However, one problem with this view is that there are always no clear ethical standards provided by the society to which a business can stick to.

6. Select the single “major area of study” section from the list below to best suit your topic (i.e. – An education major researching the censorship of textbooks will use #4 Writing in the Social Sciences).
In management, decisions that have moral implications ought to be made on a daily basis by both managers and employees. These are decisions that impact an organization, shareholders, and stakeholders along with the society in general. Doing business while at the same time considering the ethical issues associated with a business is essential to an organization for legal reasons as well as reasons that are pertinent to the success of the operations of the business.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Analysis of Ethics and Business Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Analysis of Ethics and Business Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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