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Research design: Why Gaza Stripe conflict never ends - Essay Example

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It is a 40km by 10km stretch of land with an area of 360 sq. km― 40 km of the land area is a coastline, 11km is that of the boundary with Egypt, and a 51 km boundary with Israel (Goeller,…
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Research design: Why Gaza Stripe conflict never ends
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Download file to see previous pages But then again, as mentioned in an online Encarta MSN encyclopedia (n.d.), “Prior to Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, power in the Gaza Strip was shared between Israel and the Palestinian National Authority.” According to Homer-Dixon and Kelly (1995), after the Israelis’ influx to Gaza Strip, there had been a massive increase in the population of people for about 300% (as cited in Goeller, 1997). It is even dubbed as one of the most densely populated areas on the planet according to the Mackenzie Institution (2009). Israelis’ occupation has translated into dominance; control of land and political governance. Discriminatory policies were even formulated which have further ignited tensions between the Jews and the Arabs (Goeller, 1997).
Other reason regarding this issue is said to be water. The study of Goeller (2007) on the Gaza Conflict mentioned water scarcity being “A very large part in this conflict.” In a theory formulated by the Mackenzie Institute (2009), people from Gaza Strip have been compared to rats, mentioning that like rats, people from Gaza were crowding over a place, competing for water sources and food. And sometimes these rats were said to be violent due to some pathological behaviors which have resulted due to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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