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The River Jordan Flows Peacefully Between: An In Depth Analysis of the Arab-Israeli Conflict - Research Paper Example

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 This essay discusses the river Jordan flows peacefully between an in-depth analysis of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Instead of ceasing the conflict between these two nations, a lot of other countries in the world are supporting the friction. …
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The River Jordan Flows Peacefully Between: An In Depth Analysis of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
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Extract of sample "The River Jordan Flows Peacefully Between: An In Depth Analysis of the Arab-Israeli Conflict"

Download file to see previous pages The peace accord supposedly made for the benefit of the citizens of Arab states and Israel has become a peace treaty with no value. The war in the Middle East will never come to a full stop unless the leaders of the “modern world” start doing something morally right about it.
The Middle East is said to be a place of troubles for states and people alike. It is almost impossible to think about that place without connecting it with terrorists and another anti-government military group. This stereotype has been there for years because of the advent of global terror and of course, the different wars in that area. Since the gulf war, aid to the Middle East has been the highest in the world. It is to protect countries from the continuous hunger and prevailing death problems in the Middle East. The threat now is that there is no assurance of peace between Middle Eastern countries despite the promise of peace accord not just by individual states but by the United Nations and/or previously the League of Nations (Fromkin).
The Arab-Israeli conflict is a deeply rooted one and the reasons are as confusing as a royal maze. Most people think that it is simply a fight of two countries because of a disputed territory that being the Gaza strip, but the gist of the problem is more than that.
Israelis think, as they always do, that they are the chosen people of God the Savior. This determination motivates Israel not to let any other Arab state dominates over them. After the tragedy of holocaust, several Israelis have come unto understanding that only a powerful and collective force can keep them away from annihilation. The carved land for the survivors of the Holocaust serves as a symbol of the survival of the Jews from the world’s most violent ethnic cleansing. Never again will the Jews allow other ethnicities to push them against the walls of society (Rogan).
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The River Jordan Flows Peacefully Between: An In Depth Analysis of the Research Paper.
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