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Report of the study based on the Case study - Essay Example

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The Glenmeadie company is currently facing a marketing dilemma; it has invested heavily in its front end operations to improve its relations with its customers, which is an excellent short term strategy because it has produced a jump in sales which has far exceeded the…
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Report of the essay study based on the Case study
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"Report of the study based on the Case study"

Download file to see previous pages This report assesses the marketing issues to be considered in this case scenario and provides recommendations on the strategy that is likely to be most effective in the Company’s present circumstances.
The most distinctive opportunity that the Company has is perfecting the new flavours of single malts that it could develop, thanks to its distiller, Ellis Cameron. It also has the opportunity to use its talented salespeople such as the apprentice distiller at the New York marketing event, who could be putting their skills of discerning the subtleties in taste and flavour to good use in maintaining the high quality of Gleanmeadie whisky. The threats the Company is faced with arise from the competition, where other single malt companies may seek to develop distinctive brands of whisky and attract the discerning customer that Glenmeadie may not be able to satisfy if innovation and development of new flavours is not adequately funded.
The essential dilemma that the Company is faced with in determining its strategic initiatives is the question of whether (a) the high expense customer centred marketing approach is justified and must be continued or (b) whether the Company needs to pay greater attention to investments in long term strategic initiatives.(c) to what extent innovation and customer research must form a part of company strategy and (d) how the Gleanmeadie brand is to be promoted.
The experts who have offered views on Glenmeadie’s present strategy and what future course of action it should pursue, display a wide range of differing options. David Herman suggests that there should be a careful balance between front end initiatives and product development, by developing the single cask bottling which would command higher profit margins and provide consumers with more individual choices. He emphasizes that Glenmeadie’s core brand must remain strong. Jeffrey Rayport suggests that the success of the front end initiatives have not necessarily ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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