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How does a firms marketing strategy impact its decisions regarding the appropriate manufacturing strategy - Case Study Example

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In page 2 of John Miltenburg’s book, a manufacturing strategy refers to that pattern that is underlying the chain of decisions made in a long time by a…
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How does a firms marketing strategy impact its decisions regarding the appropriate manufacturing strategy
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Extract of sample "How does a firms marketing strategy impact its decisions regarding the appropriate manufacturing strategy"

Download file to see previous pages Without a marketing strategy, an organizations effort to attract and retain customers becomes inefficient. However, with a marketing strategy, other strategies in the firm also become operational. According to Paul Fifield (2012) is an organization’s central concept or its produce by which the approach it chooses to take to has an impact on the market.
The correlation that exists between the marketing strategy and manufacturing strategy in an organization has direct relations with its success and competitive capabilities. In chapter 5 of Bowersox, Closs, Cooper and Bowersox’s article, page 107, the authors evidently indicate that the existing marketing practices serve as a foundation for the manufacturing strategy in relation to client acceptability. The relationship between the two is crucial to an organization’s competitive position. When such a relationship does not exist, the manufacturing strategy is not used as a formidable weapon of competition since it is does not form the correct alignment with the marketing strategies (Bowersox, Closs, Cooper & Bowersox, 2011). An excellent example comes from Bowersox, Closs, Cooper and Bowersox’s article where they indicate that the marketing department may only care about the features and aesthetics of a product or service, whereas the manufacturing department concentrates on the firm’s conformity. The key aim of a manufacturing strategy in an organization is to ensure that it has a competitive advantage over its competitors using the available manufacturing capabilities or assets. However, it is fundamental to note that the competitive advantage is only defined from a firm’s standpoint on marketing. Given that there are often many conflicts that exist between the two, the strategies are always divergent. Hence, for this reason, a firm’s marketing strategy has to have a positive impact on decisions ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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