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Citizenship : who belongs in Bangkok Thailand - Essay Example

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Labourers have been the most deprived as well as the most powerful section of the world population. The industrial revolution was the cradle in which the labour force took birth. The big big…
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Citizenship : who belongs in Bangkok Thailand
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Download file to see previous pages The new advent of global finance movements and global labour movements has now pushed millions of workers into the unorganized sector with no bargaining power. It is this scenario that makes it the immediate need of the hour that we sit back and take into account the issue of labour rights.
To discuss labour rights only in the context of international labour laws will be to underestimate the complexities emerging out of global trade, says Bob Alexander Hepple who is a prolific writer on labour issues. He adds that reconciliation of global trade and labour rights will not come from relocating labour law within the sphere of international trade law. (1) “Efforts should be directed at shaping the many new strands of trans-national labour regulations that are emerging so as to spread the benefits of growing trade and investment to the poorest, to protect basic human rights and to contribute to social justice and democracy” (2). This approach has been gaining ground and human rights have become the major point of reference for these debates.
The most accepted and simple definition for human rights is that they are “the rights that one has because one is human.” (3). The term, human rights itself implies equality because these rights pertain to every human being in an equal way. There are two kinds of human rights, one set of laws having clear legal ground provided by different states and the other set which does not exist in the law books but strongly based on the moral nature of humans.(4) When we try to equate the labour rights with human rights, some labour rights will be found to belong to the first category and some to the second but all have strong bonding with the concept of human rights.
First and foremost connection between labour and human rights is that ‘right to work’ is included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 10, 1948 and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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