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Compare and contrast Marx idea of Class and Durkheims Division of Labour - Essay Example

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There was no probability for a member of the ruling class to cross over to the working class or vice versa. There was sameness in their labor…
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Compare and contrast Marx idea of Class and Durkheims Division of Labour
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Download file to see previous pages Those who accepted it became modern societies or Capitalist societies.
Many theorists in the sociology have tried to explain or simplify the complexities of these societies, among the greatest of them Karl Marx and Emile Durkheim. Karl Marx and Emile Durkheim are considered as the fathers of sociology. Both of them had a deep power on the development of sociological theories.
Karl Marx (1818-1883) wrote the Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts in 1844, and one of these documents, titled Estranged Labor, includes his debate of alienation - the experience of isolation resulting from powerlessness. Marx’s main concern was with the formations of capitalism that result this alienation. He gave a theory of alienation deep-rooted in social composition. In his theory he wanted to get across two vital and foremost ideas. Firstly, that mankind make society, and at some point society is a natural extension of their nature and their being, and secondly, as modern society develops, human beings begin to feels that society is not of their making, and no longer reflects their being or their nature, but instead appears to be alien.
Marx argued that laboring was the primary way by which human kind exposed themselves in nature and history. According to Marx, alienation breaks fundamental association individuals have to the self-defining aspect of laboring activity. He identified four characteristics of alienation:
Product alienation takes place when workers become alienated from the objects they produce. The product of their labor belongs to the capitalists not to the workers. The capitalists may utilize it however they wish mostly to sell the product to get profit. Furthermore, workers often do not have information of the features of production they are not involved in, and have no sense of their job in the entire production process.
Alienation from productive activity refers that workers do not work their own satisfaction to fulfil their needs but capitalism makes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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