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With What Is the Modern Division of Labor Associated - Coursework Example

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From the paper 'With What Is the Modern Division of Labor Associated" it is clear that the practices of the division of the labor force should be free from coercion and must be dealt on social angles. It is only then that the doctrine of Karl Marx based on socialist practices would be fulfilled…
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With What Is the Modern Division of Labor Associated
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Download file to see previous pages The blend of micro and macro thoughts and activities that make a social structure is referred to as the Micro-Macro Continuum. The Micro-Macro Continuum over which the formation of a society depends upon can further be fragmented into Subjective and Objective components. The subjective components in both the Micro and Macro levels depend on the thought process of individuals and institutions respectively. It may consist of doctrines, ideas, norms and values. However, the objective part is concerned with activities, which form groups, organizations and political bodies. (Ritzer & Goodman, 2004: A-13). In regards to the idea of the Social System discussed above the paper tries to judge if the current division of labour associated with class exploitation and division, as Karl Marx claims, or with a new form of social solidarity as Durkheim claims.

The inception of the French Revolution in 1789 gave birth to the doctrine of Social thinking as separate from the traditional philosophical ideologies. The French Revolution marked the beginning of an era of social thinking which gave due importance to the concept of individual freedom. The doctrine of personal freedom and rights challenged the traditional social and political views on individual liberty. Further, the cause of the revolution disturbed the economic and political base of the ongoing feudal system. Similar changes in the social patterns can be observed based on the emergence of capitalist principles in Europe and Britain, which shifted the social base from agrarian to industrial patterns. The shift from agriculture to industrial economy caused the need for the development of scientific and commercial activities on a wider plane. The shift to the industrial economy caused the farmers to turn into industrial laborers. Agricultural land was extensively used for industrial purposes and a new class of industrial laborers emerged on this plane. These huge amounts of Social changes led to the emergence of social thinkers like Karl Marx and Emile Durkheim who propounded new doctrines based on the division of industrial labor. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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